Chris has always had a fascination with the built environment and its ability to impact our mood and sense of well-being.

During his twenty years of practicing architecture Chris has consistently sought to achieve a style that is effortless, timeless and sublime. This meticulous pursuit of beauty is behind every project Carte Blanche Studio takes on. 

Chris graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture. During his time there he studied abroad in Rome, Florence and Como, Italy. While architecture was his passion, Chris also made time for art and ended up pursuing a minor in Fine Arts. He continues to paint and sketch prolifically.

Chris began his professional career at Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, a leading design firm that was awarded with  the American Institute of Architects highest honor.  While at ZGF, Chris learned the importance of balancing great design with budgetary and schedule constraints.

Following ZGF, Chris spent ten years working for Kirkpatrick Architects, the renowned design firm specializing in high end residential projects throughout California.  Here he grew to love residential architecture and the deep meaning it holds for clients.

Prior to launching Carte Blanche Studio, Chris worked extensively with Entertainment Design Corporation. While at this award-winning firm, Chris focussed on designing a vast array of international projects ranging from theaters to museum exhibits and live shows.


At Carte Blanche we relish the potential of the blank page.  We strive to begin every project without preconceived notions of where we will end up.

This open minded approach allows us to truly listen and understand our client’s desires, fully interpret a site’s potential, and ultimately craft these elements into the best design possible.

The root of our design process consists of asking questions of our clients and listening to their answers.  From this simple task the basis of a design begins to emerge.  As the design begins to grow, careful analysis and constant client interaction slowly shape it.   The result is a project that appears effortless and inevitable, a form that is perfectly suited to its function and surroundings.

We believe it is from this organic process that great design can flourish.